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That feeling of being so close to the sky, of breathing the purest air that nature offers us, which at the same time is so hostile and so generous, this is the MOUNTAIN OF 7 COLORS.

The Vinicunca mountain is located in the Cusco region at 5200 m.a.s.l., three hours away by car. Also known as “Mountain of seven colors”, it was rediscovered not many years ago.

It is known for the unusual colors of its rock formations that date back approximately 24 million years. 24 million years old approximately, the result of different layers of sedimentary
sediments of rocks such as sandstone, halites, gravels, limestone, etc. That due to the effect of glaciation of glaciation sulfated changing the color of the stones. Their formation
related to the orogenic movements responsible for creating the Andean mountain range and the
Andean mountain range.


We begin our tour in the community of CHILLIHUANI, where we can find different types of mobility such as motorcycles, horses that can take us to the foothills of the mountain, but I do not recommend it because the adventure is to walk and enjoy nature, to feel alive and have beautiful memories not only in a camera but more importantly in our memory.

The tour is of moderate difficulty, not because of the road but because of the altitude to which we will ascend which is about 5000 meters above sea level, but this is the least of it because on the way we will find people of the community who will kindly offer us coca leaf tea, and thus be able to regain and especially the spirit and continue with the tour.

The coca leaf was the most important element within the Inca culture, since it was consumed exclusively by the Inca nobility, so we should feel honored to drink of this sacred leaf of the Incas, of this culture that is still alive over the centuries.


The surrounding villagers are on the road ready to help, to collaborate with the visitor and give them pleasant memories of their passage through the Mountain of seven colors, these communities live from tourism offering small souvenirs such as photographs with the native animals of the Peruvian highlands that are llamas, alpacas, American auquenidos that are adorable and are predisposed to interact with the visitor.

Tell me if you would not like to make this beautiful journey and know all these wonders that nature offers us.

It is important to bring a good coat, hiking shoes, sunscreen and most importantly …….. the desire to know Vinicunca and touch the sky.

It is important to bring a good coat, hiking shoes, sunscreen and most importantly …….. the desire to know Vinicunca and touch the sky, because we will literally be as close to the sky and enjoy the beautiful view that gives us the mountain, which can be colorful or as a beautiful snowy, either way to see both is worth the hike.

At last we arrived, don’t you think the view is beautiful, wouldn’t it be worth the hike?

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