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The Inca society became extinct 500 years ago but the glory of their civilization has lasted until today, in the 15th century the Incas developed the only and most powerful empire formed by a religious and militarized state that even today creates admiration among historians.


The most widespread legend about the origin of the Incas, tells that the sun god appeared by the situación in which men lived, sent his two sons MANCO CCAPAC and MAMA OCCLLO, to found a great empire and can civilize humans, the divine couple who were husbands and brothers at the same time received a golden scepter with the mandate to form his kingdom where the golden rod sank, left the lake TITICACA and walked for many in search of the promised land until one day the rod sank in the HUANACAURE hill a short distance from the valley of Cusco, this legend was made known by the INKA GARCILAZO DE LA VEGA in 1615.


According to chroniclers, it was PACHACUTEC INKA YUPANQUI who ordered the construction of this Sanctuary dedicated to the Sun God and who filled it with so many ornaments and objects of gold and silver that the people baptized it with the name of QORIKANCHA, which means GOLDEN ENCLOSURE.

The temple is located in the Hurin Cusco, where today stands the church of Santo Domingo. The first Europeans who came to see this building were dazzled by the amount of precious objects, gold idols and gold plates that had this temple.

In the most sacred place of this temple the Inca ordered to place a solid gold disc representing his father the sun God, placing to the right the lightning and to his left the God WIRACOCHA the creator of the universe, from that moment the cult to the sun was not only exclusive of the Incas but of the whole empire.

The Qorikancha was not only a temple of worship to their gods but it was also an astronomical observatory, within its passages there is an enclosure that has an observatory directed to the planet Venus who they called CHASKA or sentinel of the sun, its walls were decorated with fine gold sheets, through here they could observe the movement of the stars so they discovered one of the most important constellations and established the difference between stars and planets.
Under the beautiful towers and cloisters of the convent of Santo Domingo the QORIKANCHA sleeps forever, its enclosures are empty and silent but still keep the memory of the glory days of TAWANTINSUYO, when the Inca stood in the main courtyard and filled the main pool with the sacred chicha so that his father the SUN could quench his thirst for a moment and continue his journey through heaven.
The Mayta Capac of Pachacuti believes in the only creator God, and therefore denies the existence of other divinities, denies the power of the huacas, and acts as a militant religious leader and extirpator of idolatries.

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