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Protocols of biosecurity COVID-19

Now that everything is going to start again, we want to inform you that Conde Travel is ready to operate the permitted tours with all the necessary security protocols to guarantee an unforgettable but safe experience for you and your loved ones.

The protocols are:

All our Conde Travel staff: guides, porters and cooks will go through a COVID19 molecular discard test before providing their services, so you can feel safe in everything moment.
Temperature control is required for our staff and passengers.
Hand washing is required for our staff and passengers.
Our guides will always carry a personal first aid kit that includes masks, gloves and thermometers, etc.
The use of masks is mandatory for both staff and passengers.
Latex gloves are optional for passengers, but mandatory for our staff.
The minimum distance will be 1 meter and a half between each person and it will be respected and organized by our guides.
The vehicles that will provide the service will be disinfected following the biosecurity protocols given by the Ministry of Health of Peru before and after each service.
Inside the vehicles there will be masks, hand sanitizer and a first aid kit with oxygen masks, etc. In case that any of our passengers will need; it’s advisable let you know to your guide about your health.
We only use 50% of the vehicle’s capacity to respect social distancing requirements.

All the hard moments are over, it’s time to start again new projects, dreams and places to discover, so you can book now and travel tomorrow.

We are ready to be complicit in your travel adventures.

Don’t stay at home anymore, start making your travel plan!
Conde Travel, Cusco and Machu Picchu are waiting for you!

Annex Nº 1 – Mask use instructions

Objective:Discover correct mask use instructions.
Scope:To all administrative and operational personnel, third parties, clients and others who require the use of masks.
Frequency:Every time it’s necessary.
1.-Before you put on your mask, wash with soap and water or disinfectant hands according to established technique.
2.-Verify that the mask is not damaged.
3.-Be sure that the outer side of your mask is facing out.
4.-Cover your mouth and nose with the mask, hold the straps or elastics around your ears or at the back of your head and adjust the strap over the nose.
5.-Avoid touching the mask while using it, if you do, wash your hands with soap and water.

Remove your mask without touching the front part and dispose in a closed container. Then wash your hands with soap and water also you can use hand sanitizer, too.

When should i change the mask?

  • When it’s wet or broken.
  • Cloth face mask are washed and preferably disinfected with an iron.
Corrective actions: When the mask is detected that is being placed incorrectly, it must be corrected immediately; if the event has already occurred, disinfect.

Annex Nº 2 - Hand washing and disinfection instructions

Objective:Discover correct mask use instructions
Scope:To all administrative and operational personnel, third parties, clients and others who require the use of masks
Frequency:Every time it’s necessary.


  • Always wash your hands with soap and water, it’s more effective than alcohol disinfectants.
  • When you don’t have handwashing use alcohol sanitizers points.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water up to your elbows for a comprehensive cleaning.

Wash your hands with water and soap:

  • After having been in a public place.
  • After blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing or using the toilet.
  • Before handling or preparing food.
CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: When it’s detected that the personal didn’t wash their hands, the responsible have to see that there are hand washing correctly.

Annex Nº 3 - Correct use of infrared clinical thermometer


Objective:Describe the steps to be taken to take the temperature as a control measure.
Scope:This procedure applies to all administrative and operational personnel, third parties, clients and others.
Frequency:At the beginning, at the end and when the case merits it.

Pre-use recommendations

  • Make sure the sensor hole is not dirty.
  • The sensor must not be touched or blown.
  • Make sure that the surface where you take the temperature (in front of or behind the ear), is not wet or sweaty (it must be dry).
  • Do not measure on hair, scars or obstacles that could alter the measurement.

During temperature taking

  • Place the equipment in front of the person to be evaluated and establish a distance of 1 to 5 cm from the surface to be measured.
  • Press the button to measure the temperature.
  • Check the value shown on the display screen.

If you are going to make a new measurement, you can repeat the previous steps.

At the end of the activity

  • It is disinfected and stored in the case.
IMPORTANT: Follow the instructions for use of the infrared clinical thermometer according to the brand and model.

Annex Nº 4 - Instruction Payment by credit card or cash

Objective:Provide guidelines to prevent the risk of infection during card or cash payment.
Scope:To all staff, third parties and customers.
Frequency:Every time it’s needed.


  1. Request the customer to place payment means in a designated place by establishment.
  2. The POS, credit card and pen are disinfected. Leave the POS in the place designated by the establishment and respect distancing.
  3. Request to the customer enter his password and leave the POS on the Surface designated by the establishment and respect the distance between people.
  4. Take the POS and proceed to the collection, ask the client if you want proof of payment, if the answer is positive, leave it on the place designated by the establishment.
  5. Proceed with the hand disinfection and items used in the transaction.


  1. Ask to the customer leave the cash in the place designated by the establishment.
  2. Collect the money and place the change.
  3. Proceed with disinfecting hands and elements used in the transaction.
IMPORTANT: Inform the customer that hand disinfection is a preventive measure for the transaction.