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Salkantay Trek Map and Route

Our Salkantay Trek Map highlights the key points along the route. The journey begins at Mollepata and proceeds to Soraypampa, where you’ll be in close proximity to the sacred mountains of the Incas, including the majestic Salkantay Mountain. Continuing from Soraypampa, you’ll reach Salkantaypampa, where the cold mountain air envelops you. Finally, the route leads to Salkantay Pass, situated at an altitude of approximately 4400 meters (Salkantay Trek Altitude). As you continue along the trail, you’ll encounter Ichupata, Waynawmachay, Manchaymayo, Qollpapampa, and other scenic locations. Before reaching Aguas Calientes, you’ll pass through Santa Teresa, and don’t miss the opportunity to visit the crystalline thermal springs of Colcamayo. Finally, you’ll arrive at Aguas Calientes before ascending to the magnificent citadel of Machu Picchu.

The Classic Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

As one of the most popular destinations in South America, the Classic Salkantay Trek offers a unique blend of cultural heritage proudly preserved by the Peruvian people, unparalleled adventure, and extraordinary natural beauty. This trek takes you to the highest peaks of Salkantay and Humantay Mountains, where the icy cold of the mountains converges with the steamy heat of the Andean jungle. Surrounded by the historic Machu Picchu National Park, this trail has rightfully earned its place among the top 25 hikes in the world. Prepare to immerse yourself in diverse geography, Andean culture, and captivating history.

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