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My experience in Nazca was absolutely amazing. I traveled with Conde Travel, a well-established tour agency, and from the moment I arrived, I was excited about all that this mysterious region had to offer.

Once in Nazca, the first thing we did was head to the famous Nazca Lines. We boarded a small plane and took a thrilling flight over the desert. From the heights, we were able to appreciate with amazement the enigmatic giant figures drawn on the ground. The shapes of animals, plants and geometric figures created by the ancient Nazca civilization were simply breathtaking. Although the exact purpose of these lines is unknown, the beauty and mystery surrounding them create an unforgettable experience.

After an exciting flight, we visited the Antonini Museum, where we learned more about the history and culture of the ancient Nazca civilization. There, we were able to admire well-preserved artifacts, ceramics and textiles, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the past and better understand how the Nazcas lived centuries ago.

We continued our adventure by visiting the Cantalloc aqueduct. This impressive subway hydraulic engineering structure was built by the Nazcas to harness groundwater to irrigate their crops in a desert environment. Exploring the aqueduct and learning about the advanced technology used by the ancient inhabitants was an educational and fascinating experience.

Of course, we could not leave without trying the delicious local gastronomy. We tried traditional dishes such as guinea pig and enjoyed the freshness of the local ingredients. In addition, we interacted with the friendly and welcoming people of Nazca, which allowed us to learn more about their customs and traditions.

Overall, my trip to Nazca with Conde Travel was an unforgettable experience. The combination of history, mystery and culture made this destination unique. Not only did I enjoy the main tourist attractions, but I also took away lasting memories of the hospitality of the people and the beauty of the landscape. I would definitely recommend Nazca as a must-see destination for those seeking an adventure full of enigmas and historical wonders.

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